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Dates to be announced Fall 2024

Two-Day RAAM Seminar – Covering essential topics to build the foundation for a successful RAAM. Including logistics, putting together a crew, nutrition, problem solving, rules issues, etc. The material applies to primarily RAAM, RAW, and RAE. Meeting and Document links will be sent a couple of days prior to the Seminar. Cost is $75 per person. Don’t delay, the seminar is limited to 40 people.

RAAM Seminars are a tremendous benefit to racers and crew, solo and team, first-timers and veterans, RAAM, RAW, and RAE. They’re conducted by RAAM principals who have officiated, crewed and raced; solo and team. Nobody is more knowledgeable when it comes to RAAM, RAW, and RAE. They will cover every aspect of RAAM - the world's toughest bicycle race. You will be able to ask about every aspect of RAAM.

What is covered? Qualification, training, the pathway to RAAM, planning, objectives, budgeting, racers, crew selection and management, lifecycle on the road, sleep, packing, vehicles, bicycles, registration, media, pre- and post-race logistics, rules, officials, penalties, tracking, what happens at the start, race strategies, direct follow and leapfrog support, navigation, communication, weather, medical issues, hydration, nutrition, common problems and how to treat them, accidents, relay strategies, exchanges, problem-solving, what happens at the finish.

How will you benefit? You will be much better prepared for RAAM. You will encounter things you've never before experienced. If you are aware of the issues you may encounter, you will be better equipped to address them should they occur, or perhaps avoid them altogether.


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